Elysian Fields

You will find a way
In a fortnight and a day
Just follow the path of the sun
I will there to greet you
Looking over Elysian fields
And the lushness and the green
Of the world unseen
I will embrace you that day
When our spirits leave this temporal sphere
Let it be known that life wont stop here
the sun will burn brightly across the Elysian field

I will see you again, my friend
I will see you again, my friend some sunny day

We are lost to the tide
Cast over the side
Surrounded, and hope has been tossed
Know that Ill be there to save you
Know that not all has been lost
At the end of it all
We both will ride tall
Whilst galloping on greener fields
From the dirts in the dry heat we will follow away
We will escape from this damned, cursed day
Eternal, the sun shall burn bright on Elysian Field

I will see you again, my friend
I will see you again, my friend, some sunny day

Where is this place?
These Elysian Fields?
Are they in my dreams,
Are they even real?
Take me down the path
That leads to Elysian green
I want to live in this world unseen
Where we leave behind the self that we had been