Do you get to thinking
When you’re thinking what I thinking
Do ever get the urge to stop your asking?
Do you think you’ve reached the end
expounding on this explanation
I’m tired now

Can you please stop asking questions
and cease your malign intentions
rolling over on this topic all the while
because my tolerance is thinning
And I don’t feel like I’m winning
Please shut down



So we go from day to day
Can you keep yourself at bay?
Going for the jugular all the while
Since we reached the point of no return
It’s time we stop and end the burn
But no…no, no, no, no

and no information’s coming out
of this of dry and empty spout
It’s best you get to talkin’
‘cause you ain’t a’ walkin’
Start telling us the names and dates
locations or your ugly fate
you’ll know

Do You See Me?
Do You See Me?

I can leave here today
I can be gone…gone tomorrow
A ghost and memory

Got to make a run from this place
Got to leave behind this rat race
Got make my way, some day, away, I’ll say, You’ll never see me, I’m gone

Do you see?