Petition Girl

Hey now
Petition Girl
Whatcha want me signing for today?
Is it baby seals,
Election steal,
Hey, What do ya say?

Hey now
Mr. Stranger Man
Chompin’ on that street meat…this bright noon
Would you like to put your name
And end this nefarious game
So very soon, get out a broom?

You see I cannot sign your page
Even though you’re filled with rage
Unconstitutionality enshrined at every stage
Because I ask what it means and you can’t give me a response
And you stumblebum around like some confused vonce
So what say you? What shall we do?

Hey now
Petition Girl
Do your homework if you’re asking me to sign
Cause you’ve not the faintest clue
About the cause that makes you blue
So why should I…commit to thy?
You see I’m not some hippie dork
With no grey matter left
I know a fork from spork
And what’s morally bereft
I know the difference between a tap
That roves all over the map
Study your craft
Lest you look daft
Petition Girl

Hey now
Petition girl
Could you answer me this question, if you please?
Could you tell what you mean when you say “roving” in your pitch?
And why you bitch?

You see it makes it really hard to sign your protest sheet
When you fail to make your explanation clear and complete
Don’t even know what it is that you’re so unhappy ‘bout?
‘Cause you’re about to get verbal whack on your goofy snout
So what say you?
What shall we do?
Petition Girl.