(Un)true Blue

Train scene
Groggy, sleepless ridership
Cheek to jowl and hip to hip

Then I
See your eyes
Your luscious hair
You’re all alone
But I’ll not dare

To Do?
Maybe I will sketch you out
I’ll circulate your face about
‘Cause you
Are true blue

You see
The sketch I made
That hectic day
I don’t know how it made its way
You call
Then I meet you face to face
And then my heart
It starts to race for you
Are true blue

It wasn’t supposed to go this way
I thought the sparks would last for days
We’d take long walks along the quay
Taking in the golden rays
But you’re a bore
And I am too
All the hype was so untrue
Beauty is a wet, fine mist
It’s time I cross you off the list
Pretty face
Empty mind
Time to put this way behind
Girl of my dreams
So it seems
I am smashed to smithereens
Pretty face
Simple girl
I thought I’d take you ‘round the world
And for now
It seems to be
You are not the one for me….

True Blue…
I saw in the subway
and I was under your beauty’s sway
But see
You’re not for me